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To change your life, change the way you live!

Triple Heart Design is an Austin Interior Designer specializing in luxury interior design for whole home renovations and kitchen or bathroom design. Soothing organic design to fuel your soul is our approach to interior design. We believe that natural organic materials thoughtfully curated provide a foundation for a healthy and vibrant home.

While we are well aware of the trends, as one of many interior design companies in Austin, we tend to venture down a unique path for each client. Beginning with the home, its architecture and the lifestyle of the clients, we start to weave a story filled with personality and love. Homes have to bend and flex, because like us, they never sit static. From holidays, to family visiting, and children growing, each space needs to be able to grow too. We call it the 80/20 rule – 80% of the time a space will be used one way, but the other 20% it has to have the ability to accomodate. We love to design with that expansion in mind.

As an Austin interior designer, we specialize in whole home renovations and new builds across the nation.

We want to hear your story, book your project inquiry call with us, or submit your form here.

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