The bathroom remodel guide we published not too long ago has been a tremendous success with our blog readers. We put a lot of helpful information in that guide, hoping it would prove useful to homeowners thinking of remodeling their bathrooms. We want to pull from that post for this one. We will talk about reasons a bathroom remodel might make sense.

bathroom remodel increasing space

A complete remodel that involves gutting the space and starting over is no small project. As we pointed out in the previous post, the average cost of a full remodel is about $30,000. You can bring that down by reducing the scope of the project, doing some of the work yourself, and choosing less expensive materials. Still, your reasons for remodeling should justify the cost.

Here are five reasons a bathroom remodel might make sense for you:

1. You Need More Space

Let’s face it, some bathrooms are pretty small. Even in houses built within the last 20 to 30 years, it’s not hard to find a small bathroom that is barely functional. The only way to get more space is to remodel.

When space is the issue, you might be able to gain a little just by redesigning the layout. But that doesn’t change the size of the room. If the room itself is too small, your bathroom remodel will involve bumping into another room or adding on.

2. You Need to Accommodate Family Members

In our bathroom remodel guide, the point about accommodating family members was more about volume than anything else. You might choose to remodel because your bathroom is too small to accommodate your entire family. But there is another aspect to this: accommodating family members with special needs.

Update Layout reasons a bathroom remodel

It is important to consider bathrooms that can accommodate seniors with limited mobility. It is also important to consider remodeling projects for families with a special needs child. Planning for future uses as families’ needs grow and change should be top of mind in any remodel project.

3. You Want a More Functional Layout

We find that a lot of people who live in cookie-cutter homes live with bathrooms that are not as functional as they could be. Their bathrooms feature a clunky layout that may have made sense to the original designer decades ago but don’t work in the 21st century. The only way to fix the layout is to start over.

4. You Want an Updated Look

It is perfectly acceptable to do a full bathroom remodel to update its look. It is okay to not like the old look, especially if your home is more than a few decades old. Your house was likely built to the modern standards of the day. But what was in style then isn’t in style now.

Updating for a new look doesn’t necessarily require ripping everything out and starting over. But it can. Be mindful of elements that need to be replaced just for their age, as you don’t want to have to tear out what you just replaced because of a failure hidden behind the walls.

5. You’re Looking to Increase the Value

As you might expect, some people take on bathroom remodeling projects in hopes of increasing the value of their homes. That is not a bad idea. Bathrooms continue to be one of the main selling points buyers are picky about. Just be careful to not go overboard. You could end up spending a lot more than you would ever get out of a bathroom remodel.

Bathroom remodels are something that our interior design team has extensive experience with. When it comes to remodeling, bathrooms are the first choice for many homeowners. What about you? Is there something about your bathroom that demands a remodel? Let’s sit down and talk.