“I bring passion into every space we create. It isn’t about what we think is the latest and greatest design at the time, it is about the space, and the visions of the client. We love to create cozy, comfortable spaces that are unique. Every space has a story to tell.”

– Shelagh Conway

Why Triple Heart Design?

Creating a space can be overwhelming. As an award winning interior designer, our goal is to make it easy and enjoyable to create the space you’ve always dreamt about. We’ll work side-by-side with you – guiding you through the decisions, presenting fresh options and helping you choose your favorites. Through collaboration and your vision, we pull it all together into a design that is beautiful, functional, and represents you.

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About Shelagh Conway

Shelagh Conway was born and raised in Sitka, Alaska. A third-generation Alaskan, and the youngest of 5 siblings, she learned to become fiercely independent at a young age. Residing in the Pacific Northwest for the past 23 years, she balanced a challenging career with raising three successful daughters – the namesake for her business. Shelagh is passionate about her faith, her family, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle that includes music and laughter. Shelagh calls both Austin and Seattle home, residing in Austin, but maintaining a residence in Seattle too.

Shelagh thrives on simplifying the design process and works closely with clients to make the process both manageable and affordable. Throughout the creative process, Shelagh truly inspires every client to love their home.

Shelagh’s multi-faceted career has included positions in real estate, construction, marketing, fitness, and the mortgage finance industry. This diverse career path allowed her to gain many unique experiences and expand her knowledge of the building industry. A continued commitment to excellence propelled her into leadership roles and helped her to achieve success, earning industry awards along the way.

About Mikaela Meyering

Mikaela Meyering was born in Tempe, Arizona before her dad joined the military. Being an Army brat meant the opportunity to live in multiple states and eventually Germany, where she first realized her love for architecture and design. Mikaela received her B.S. in Interior Design from Georgia Southern University before moving to Austin to pursue a career in design. She aims to create bold and unique spaces, while keeping environmental impact in mind.

Mikaela enjoys being outside and active, and is always in search of new music.

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