Triple Heart Design is an award-winning interior design studio based in Austin, Tx. Founded in 2016, we thrive on simplifying the design process and work closely with clients to help them love their homes.

With projects spanning the nation and the power of technology, we find little limitations in the work we do.

Shelagh Conway

Shelagh Conway
Founder, CEO

Shelagh’s passion transforms spaces that she designs.  As an award-winning designer, her approach to design is organic and comfortable. Creating elevated spaces with luxurious materials, finishes and details is what she strives for in each home.

Growing up in Alaska and spending much of her life in the PNW, Shelagh yearns for biophilic design, integrating nature into the home. She understands the power of connecting with nature and the calm that it can bring into a space.

Clean simple designs utilizing stone, wood, tons of natural light, metals and finishes.

When Shelagh isn’t working and doing what she loves, you can find her working out, traveling, and taking her dog Ella walking or swimming.

Award Winning Design