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Bathroom Remodel Simplified for the DIY


Step 1: SCAN




Step 2: PLAN




Step 3: BUILD



Bathroom Remodel Planning Simplified!

You want to remodel your bathroom or redo the floor plan, but you have no idea where to start? And you don’t have room in the budget for full service design?  You feel confident choosing materials, but need help with the layout? We’ve got you covered!

STEP 1:  SCAN your space

It all starts with an accurate floor plan! DOWNLOAD the Canvas app, SCAN the room and choose/pay to order the Chief Architect file to send to us. We will build and create the As-Built plan from this scan like the sample below. You can rework your space as you desire, use the as-built for a contractor quote, or hire us to do a CONCEPT plan below.

STEP 2: PLAN – order a Concept Plan

If you want to rework your space, it needs to be planned! The team will collaborate to understand your bathroom remodel needs and develop a concept plan that is not only functional, but beautiful. This concept plan will be complete with a new floor plan, drawings and elevations created with our design sensibilities and expertise. This is a one-time concept plan only. If you aren’t sure what you want, this may not be the package for you. Minor revisions can be made. No materials are sourced, but this will give the contractor a good working document plan to quote your bathroom remodel with average material costs. This concept package is only applicable for the current bathroom space, if you desire to borrow space from adjacent rooms, or it is a more complex remodel, we will need to evaluate and discuss the complexity from structural to electrical and plumbing. Please schedule a consult below and have available photos, videos and your desires. Some remodels may not be applicable to a concept package. Details for the remodel will need to be confirmed with your contractor.

STEP 3: BUILD – Select your materials and finalize with contractor

This step is the most important to getting a detailed budget. You will select all materials and document them (ideally in a spreadsheet) for your contractor to quote, order and install.  Purchase our Remodel Design Planner if you need guidance through this process.

Marrying the plan with the budget is key. An initial number from a contractor is only a starting point. Until all elements and designs are finalized, they will have no way of being able to quote you accurately. Contractors can do a great job of quoting averages for a beginning budget based on their experience, but until all elements are chosen, they won’t be able to give you an accurate quote. Things like tile layout and design, edge details, material costs and/or placement details can all add to labor costs.

If you are really unsure what you want to accomplish, you may want to schedule an initial 30 minute consult to walk through your project and we would love to help! These packages are designed for those who are fairly savvy with the remodeling process, don’t want or need customization, and are comfortable with low-touch guidance from us. Our full-service design is geared toward those who need custom designs, professional guidance, and regular access to our team.  You can read our FAQs here.

If you are ready to get started, select the As-Built package below. You must purchase that package first, the rest are add-ons to that package.

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