FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the As-Built Package?

The As-Built package includes the dimensioned floor plan of your current space. We include fixtures, cabinets, plumbing, and lights where possible. This plan is the foundation to start your remodel concept plans or give contractors dimensions and SF to quote matching your existing space. Having a detailed floor plan is the start to a successful remodel.

What does the concept package include?

We create a contractor’s packet with the new floor plan, wall elevations with cabinet sizing, sample tile layouts, proposed electrical and other details we feel are relevant to your bathroom remodel. We use average sizing and materials so it should be fairly easy for you to add in your material choices that make sense. If you have a highly custom tile pattern, you would just need to convey that to your contractor so that they can quote the labor correctly. This packet is complete for a contractor to give you a solid quote based on our averages.

Is the Canvas app difficult to use?

No! We have tested it in many different ways, and it does an excellent job of capturing the space with very close to accurate details and dimensions. We found that if you blanket the space in the white clouds and don’t leave any black spots, your scan will be successful. Be sure to capture adjacent spaces if you think you may want to expand your bathroom, so we can evaluate your project for full-service design. Make sure to leave doors open slightly and window treatments open so that the windows and doors will be captured correctly.

How is the space designed with the Concept Plan?

 We use average sizing and NKBA recommended guidelines as well as universal design principles when conceptualizing a space.  Storage, flow, standard elements, and your desires are all attempted to be included in the plan. We will always defer to the best functional bathroom space, rather than a desire if it just doesn’t work. For instance, if you desire a free standing tub and a shower, not every bathroom can accommodate those together.

Do we have to purchase all the packages or can we just buy one?

Our process begins with the as-built plans and creating them in our software to establish the baseline for your remodel and give you documentation to begin to get quotes from. So the first step is to purchase the as-built package. From there you can choose to have a concept plan created, or even choose one of our pre-selected finish packages. Design is a layering process, so it works best to create a solid foundation and build up from there.