Interior Design Austin

What is interior design? Interior design is the art and science of enhancing the interior of a building to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for the people using the space.  Wikipedia

It all starts with a plan.  For any remodeling or design project Triple Heart Design in Austin Texas has each client fill out a project inquiry. This helps us review the projects easily.  If you are remodeling, we ask that you have previously met with contractors to make sure your budget aligns with their costs. We will also ask for videos and photos of the spaces to be addressed. Full room shots are preferable, where you capture the floor to ceiling view (wide angle view). The more photos and details the better. Whether we are visiting the home in person, or seeing via photos and videos, we are assessing the home and understanding the desires of each client. We do projects all over the country and successfully navigate with photos and video calls. After we review the intake form, if your project meets our criteria, we will schedule a 30 minute consult call.  If you choose to move forward with us, we will develop a proposal along with a contract to begin our work phase.

Work Phase

While there is so much beauty to be created, our work phase starts with getting organized. First step is to create the as-built plan of your space or home. If you don’t have an existing set of plans, we will have you download the canvas app to scan your home, order the Chief Architect file and email to us. 

Regardless of the space we are designing our process looks like this:

As-Builts Drawn
-Building your plans in Chief Architect from the Canvas scan.

Schematics/Plan Phase
-Utilizing industry standards and NKBA Guidelines along with your desires and our artistic sensibilities, we create initial drawings from the as-built plans
-Using functional design for flow and ease throughout, we view the space from a higher perspective to make sure we are maximizing the design

Design Phase
After clarifying which direction we are going with the plans, we will begin our design phase: 
-Blending elements to be aesthetically beautiful and cohesive in the home
-Sourcing materials where quality and budget are top of mind
-Reviewing specifications and all details
-Creating a design board to show design intent for each space with items sourced and links to view each item

Construction Drawings/Budget Phase
Once we have reviewed with the client and finalized the designs:
-We will create a full contractor’s packet along with a spreadsheet for budgeting and ordering by the contractor or a full packet and spreadsheet for the client to successfully implement a furnishing design project.
-All items are detailed, with elevation views, electrical, and all pertinent material specifications
-After we hand our designs to the contractor or client, we stay involved each step of the way until completion

Does this process differ for a kitchen remodel or a bathroom remodel?

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