Kitchen Remodel Design

Austin, TX

Steps To Plan Your Kitchen Remodel

Why is the kitchen so important?

  1. “Kitchen: (noun) – a gathering place for family and friends – a place where memories are made and seasoned with love.”

It all starts with a plan.  For any remodeling or design project Triple Heart Design has each client fill out a project inquiry. This helps us review the projects easily.

Your kitchen needs updating either functionally or aesthetically or both. Where do you start? There are so many decisions to be made. A kitchen remodel done well is a very complex project and is also very expensive typically. While it is difficult to swallow the large budget, this is the biggest value add to your home. Even more important is making sure you have a great plan for remodeling your kitchen.

How do we fit into your kitchen remodel? First, we will work with your contractor to understand the existing space and identify any concerns regarding the kitchen remodel. Relocating a sink or gas stove seems simple enough, but there are many considerations that can add additional costs to your budget. Space constraints and flow are top of mind, following with storage and then beauty. The contractor will be looking at your kitchen from a build perspective, and we will be looking at your kitchen from all the perspectives – your desires, how the design will be cohesive with your architecture, how to create functional work flow, how to maintain a budget, and how to communicate the designs effectively to the contractor.

Step 1:  Evaluate 

This is the first and most important step to remodeling a beautiful kitchen. You want to partner with an experienced team who understands your needs, can develop a functional plan and stick to the budget.  Cutting corners here causes more headaches than money saved. Not to mention, it can decrease the value of your home.  A designer, contractor and architect in a major remodel are all important to the success and can be a part of the evaluation process. An architect isn’t always a necessity, it depends on the scope of the remodel. We wrote a blog post about this that will help you understand the different roles.

Step 2: Create a Plan

The team will collaborate to understand the kitchen remodel needs and desires, talk about budget and develop a plan that is not only functional, but beautiful. Our design team works through each step of the plan with you, from developing the floor plan, creating cabinet drawings and elevations, rendering 3Ds, and choosing all of the appliances, fixtures and finishes. Read more here about our steps for interior design.

Step 3: Finalize the plan and budget and schedule with the contractor

Marrying the plan with the budget is key. An initial number from a contractor is only a starting point. Until all elements and designs are finalized, they will have no way of being able to quote you accurately. Contractors can do a great job of quoting averages for a beginning budget based on their experience, but until all elements are chosen, they won’t be able to give you an accurate quote.

Step 4: The kitchen remodel begins

During this process, all of the groundwork has been completed, but we are available and on hand to make any last minute design changes if needed. We never know what we may encounter during the demo and build phase, and you don’t want to have to make a last minute decision that you don’t really understand how it affects the overall plan. We have taken into consideration most issues that we could encounter and should be able to quickly regroup to provide the contractor a decision that doesn’t delay the process.  If there are big changes, there may be some redesign needed, but in most cases, we can solve the problem efficiently.

If you want to schedule an initial 30 minute consult to walk through your project, we would love to help!