Issaquah, WA

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Home Renovation! This fabulous family home in the Highlands of Issaquah, WA, was ready for a magnificent transformation! We started with the upstairs bathroom remodels, infusing modern elegance and functionality into each space. New flooring was installed, bringing a fresh, contemporary feel throughout the house. We didn’t stop there; we also updated the paint, doors, and hardware to reflect a cohesive and sophisticated design aesthetic.

Then, we embarked on the downstairs kitchen remodel in the heart of Issaquah Highlands. The kitchen was reimagined with high-end finishes, state-of-the-art appliances, and a layout that enhances both cooking and social interactions. The powder room received a similar level of attention, ensuring every detail was perfect.

The family room fireplace update, completed in 2023, became a focal point of the home, adding warmth and a welcoming ambiance. The result? A beautiful blend of warmth, clean lines, and timeless details that perfectly complement the stunning surroundings of the Issaquah Highlands. We are thrilled with the way this project turned out, transforming this Issaquah home into a modern, inviting, and functional space that the whole family can enjoy!

PHOTOGRAPHY: Emily Keeney Photography
CONTRACTOR: Jordan Valente Construction
BUDGET:  $250,000 –  $500,000
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