Solid Wood Cabinet Remodel

Cedar Park, TX

Organic modern kitchen with waterfall counter


Introducing our latest masterpiece: a breathtaking new modern kitchen design with solid wood cabinets to soothe your soul. Immerse yourself in a harmonious blend of sleek contemporary design and the irresistible allure of natural light flowing in, enhanced by the tranquil surroundings of Cedar Park, just outside Austin. Every meticulous detail in this kitchen remodel has been expertly curated to transcend the boundaries of ordinary functionality. From the exquisite selection of natural materials to the cutting-edge, eco-friendly appliances, this kitchen is a true testament to our unwavering passion for creating extraordinary living spaces that harmonize with nature. Step into a realm where form seamlessly meets function, where the sheer beauty effortlessly intertwines with practicality, and where your culinary dreams come true amidst the lush landscapes of Texas. Experience the epitome of modern elegance and modern organic charm in this absolutely stunning kitchen, a perfect blend of luxury and sustainability, designed to inspire and elevate your home.

PHOTOGRAPHER: Madeline Harper Photography
CONTRACTOR: Realty Restoration
BUDGET:  $250,000 –  $500,000


Modern kitchen design with solid wood kitchen cabinets

Waterfall Kitchen Island

open coffee bar

Coffee Bar Cabinet

interior design Austin
Minimalist kitchen design with wooden cabinets, black shelving displaying ceramics and books, and a silver espresso machine
modern black farmhouse sink
corner pot and pan pullout

Corner Storage Cabinet

Black oak Cabinet Pantry

Tall Pantry Cabinet

plug in cabinet drawer for appliance
white oak and black kitchen modern

Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets

black and gold modern pendant
organic kitchen design
solid wood kitchen cabinets with finger pulls and sleek lines

Cabinet Finger Pulls

Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets

24" trash pullout with compost and recycle

Trash Pullout Cabinet

large island with waterfall edge

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