North Bend, Washington

We worked with the clients in this beautiful traditional home, nestled in the hills of North Bend, WA, to bring it up to a transitional look. The main goals in this project were to lighten up the kitchen, create a cozier living area, and upgrade the laundry and hall bath. From the outside in, we chose elements that reflect each other, specifically maintaining a black and white color scheme and adding new hardwood flooring throughout. In the kitchen, we painted the cabinets white, installed new Pental countertops, brought the tile backsplash up to the ceiling, and dropped a raised island to counter height, to not only create a brighter area, but also provide more usable workspace. A new pendant was added to the living room as well as two bookcases flanking the freshly painted fireplace, allowing for extra storage. A cramped laundry room was opened up by replacing the upper cabinet with an open shelf to maintain storage. In the bathroom, an undersized vanity light and two separate mirrors were swapped for one large mirror and a new light to give the illusion of more space and create balance. Gorgeous!


BUDGET:  $100,000 – $150,000